✨Our Simplified Ordering Process✨
When Durability Counts, Let the Experts Help

If you’re a visual person, you’re in luck! We’ve simplified and put our ordering process into a visual diagram so that you have peace of mind and know what to expect when working on a project with TOP DOG Apparel. Whether it’s custom t-shirts, embroidered hats, or anything in between, the process stays consistent throughout! Check it out:

TOP DOG’s Ordering Process

Lets break it down and take a closer look at each step shall we?

Step 1:

It all starts with an initial contact, whether that’s through email, over the phone or stopping in to our showroom. We’ll go over if you’re looking for screen printing, embroidery, logo design, or a custom design. Then, we’ll help:

  • pick out apparel
  • how many of each item you want and the colors
  • how many colors in the design
  • sizes
  • where you want the graphic(s) to be placed
  • set up fees / artwork fees

…which all leads to a customized quote specifically for you and your project!

Step 2:

After receiving your quote, you can either order right away or ponder it for a little longer. Once you are ready to order you can call, email or drop by our showroom to place your order. Once placed the 2 week turnaround time begins! If you are a new client, we will ask for 50% down at the time of placing your order.

Step 3:

And so the creative process begins! Our Graphic Artist expert will work his magic and mock up some designs for you. Those will then be sent to you via email. You’ll let us know if everything looks good or something needs some tweaking. Once approved, you’re project will move on to the next step!

Step 4:

This is where your image really starts to come to life! Our best of the valley screen printer or embroidery extraordinaires will start creating your custom apparel!

Step 5:

BOOM. Your order is complete in 2 weeks or LESS and is ready to be picked up! We’ll email or call you when it’s ready and waiting for pickup or delivery! Your remaining balance will be due at this time.

Step 6:

Your image is our business. If you aren’t satisfied, then neither are we.

100% satisfaction guaranteed.

We’re confident that you will love your new custom apparel, however rest assured that we will gladly replace your custom item(s) if the item is defective or the decorating is dramatically different than what was sent in your approved proof. In such cases, we would need the item(s) back and would replace it at no cost to you.

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