Safety Work Shirts
When Durability Counts, Let the Experts Help

June is National Safety Month which is a great time to explore how something as simple as a t-shirt can literally save lives.  We are passionate about what we do, the power of a printed shirt can go a long way.


The men and women that provide emergency and rescue services in our community face a lot of unique challenges in their positions.  It’s important for law enforcement, firefighters, and EMT’s to have uniforms that are easily identifiable in the midst of a crisis.  Establishing a visible united presence is essential and will make you immediately recognizable as someone to go to for help in the event of an emergency.  


What you are wearing can establish authority and build trust in an emergency situation.  It’s critical for agencies to collaborate and work efficiently when reacting to emergency situations and having a shirt on that clearly identifies you as a trained professional and even your name and rank can be helpful.

Special work wear and equipment is often required to keep those working, living, and protecting our communities safe.  We use Fire Resistant Thread for embroidery to produce the safest branded products possible to meet industry requirements.


Ensure your workers are safe from Construction Hazards with a highly visible shirt, sweatshirt, vest or jacket.  High color contrast between clothing and the work environment will help to alert operators, drivers, and other workers of your presence.  


It’s a great safety measure to have your crew in Safety Green, Safety Orange, or a shirt featuring reflective stripes or print.  We can easily add a logo to your apparel for a shirt that represents your company and your crew would be proud to wear!

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Safety is a priority for many businesses, especially in a business that provides in-home services such as electricians, plumbers, contractors and more.  It can be a bit scary when you are inviting a stranger into your home, and if your crew is wearing a shirt with a logo it’s likely to make the home-owner feel at safe from the moment they open the door.  


It’s important for commercial service providers to be aware of any required safety measures a business may have in place.  Electricians, for example, may require 100% Cotton Thread for embroidery as a safety precaution. Generally we use polyester thread because it’s highly durable, however if heat resistance is a potential hazard, polyester thread could melt while cotton thread would simply burn away.


We have focused on providing our community a trusted partner for their apparel needs.  We take great pride in the design, printing, and embroidery services we provide for many local emergency and rescue services and businesses.  TOP DOG Apparel Inc. is a locally owned and operated business offering screen printing, embroidery, and design services to businesses, organizations, and individuals right here in Northeast Wisconsin.  Stop in and visit us at our Showroom off of Hwy. 15 in Appleton, Request a Quote Online, or call 920-882-5576 to get started on your project today!


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