Flame-Retardant Polycarbonate
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Published on June 20, 2022

Marnot Flame-Retardant Polycarbonate is the culmination of combining products from two different market leaders to create a superior hard-coated flame-retardant film.

Coated on Lexan FR60 polished/polished base film, it has all the renowned properties that Lexan FR films are known for. These include puncture resistance, low moisture absorption, high thermal performance and excellent dielectric strength in addition to being UL94 V-0 rated. Added to the film is Tekra’s Marnot coating to the first surface. The coating renders the surface of the film to be highly chemical resistant to common household and industrial cleaners while also providing excellent scratch and abrasion resistance. For applications that require first surface printability, the Marnot coating is UV lacquer printable after as many as ten prior passes through a UV curing unit.

This combination of coating and base film makes it the ideal choice for many flame retardant applications including hazardous environment controls and displays, aerospace and aviation controls and displays, overlays, face plates, nameplates and flat panel displays.

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