Polycarbonate Labels

As one of STRYKER’s core products, custom polycarbonate labels provide a cost-effective and durable way to preserve graphics on signage. Polycarbonate is a lightweight material commonly used to make graphic overlays, control panels, keypads, panel fronts and labeling for high-touch consumer products. You will notice specifications calling for trade names such as: LEXAN, MYLAR, MAKROLON, Tekra, ULTEM and VALOX. These are all common brands of polycarbonate films.

STRYKER uses high-quality 3M adhesives for the backing of our polycarbonate labels. Digital graphics are reverse printed on the backside of the polycarbonate sheet and backed with one of four different levels of 3M adhesive, creating a durable and tamper proof label.

STRYKER offers polycarbonate in thicknesses from 5 mil to 20 mil.

Top Performance features:

  • NGraphics protection in high-touch areas
  • NHigh-impact resistance
  • NTear proof
  • NWaterproof
  • NUltraviolet outdoor poly available
  • NAntimicrobial FDA-rated poly available

Common Uses:

  • NNameplates
  • NFaceplates
  • NDecals
  • NAutomotive dash panels
  • NAirplane gauge panels
  • NElectronics labeling
  • NUL labels
  • NOSHA labels
  • NSwitch panels
Polycarbonate Labels Product Samples