Polycarbonate Labels
When Durability Counts, Let the Experts Help
As one of Stryker’s core products, custom polycarbonate labels provide a cost-effective and durable way to preserve graphics on signage. Polycarbonate is a lightweight material commonly used to make graphic overlays, control panels, keypads, panel fronts, and labeling for high-touch consumer products. You will notice specifications calling for trade names such as: MYLAR, LEXAN, MAKROLON, ULTEM, and VALOX. These are all common brands of Polycarbonate films.

Stryker uses high-quality 3M adhesives for the backing of our polycarbonate labels. Digital graphics are reverse printed on the backside of the polycarbonate sheet and backed with 3M adhesive creating a durable and tamper-proof label. Choose from four 3M Brand options of adhesive strength for your specific bonding needs.

Stryker offers Polycarbonate in thicknesses from 5 mil to 20 mil that is available in stock.

Top Performance features:

  • NGraphics Protection in high touch areas
  • NHigh impact resistance
  • NNo tear
  • NWaterproof
  • NUV Outdoor Poly available
  • NAntimicrobial FDA rated poly available

Common Uses:

  • NNameplates
  • NFaceplates
  • NDecals
  • NAutomotive dash panels
  • NAirplane gauge panels
  • NElectronics labeling
  • NUL labels
  • NOSHA labels
  • NSwitch panels