Top 5 Laundry Tips To Keep Your Custom Apparel Looking NEW!
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Published on December 06, 2022

Top 5 Laundry Tips To Keep Your Custom Apparel Looking NEW!

Congrats! Your custom apparel is brand new, out of the box, and in perfect condition! Now lets keep it like that! There are a few laundry tips and tricks to keep your screen printing ink or embroidery thread looking new wash after wash.

1. Turn it inside out

Turning your apparel inside out will prevent pilling. The ink and thread on your printed apparel will naturally rub against the other clothing in your washer and dryer. Turn it inside out to prevent the wear, tear, and potential for snags.

2. Cold Water on Gentle Cycle

Warm water, detergents, and harsh wash cycles wreck clothing. Go cold and gentle with less detergent.

3. Separate Your Colors

As guilty as I am for not separating my darks and lights, this is something you must do with printed apparel. White inks and thread are very susceptible to other bleeding dyes.

4. Low Dry

It is important to keep your apparel turned inside out while drying. Dry on Low or “Permanant Press”. Heat can shrink the fabrics and print. If you can, remove your apparel before it is completely dry and hang to finish drying.

5. Dont Wash Screen Printed Tees Immediately after Purchase

Even after your screen printed t-shirts are hot off the press- you should wait extra time to let the ink cure. 24 hours at least is suggested for cure time.

Try these 5 easy tips to keep your apparel looking as nice as the day you got it! If all else fails, give us a call to get more printed!