Understanding Vinyl
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Published on September 12, 2022

What is Vinyl?

STRYKER vinyl labels and decals are a durable and highly customizable solution for multiple industrial and product uses.

Vinyl labels have long been a mainstay solution because of their excellent chemical, tear and moisture resistance. They are manufactured to withstand harsh conditions and often are weather and UV-resistant for up to 3 to 5 years. Vinyl has great stamina against moisture, grease, extreme temperatures, abrasion and caustic substances.

The biggest benefit of vinyl labels is how well they adhere to curved surfaces. The high level of conformability makes vinyl an ideal option for labeling tanks and drums, vehicles and agricultural equipment.

Vinyl is also a good middle of the road material when need for durability and price sensitivity meet. 

Properties of Vinyl

There are multiple characteristics and properties that make vinyl a desirable material: 

  • Chemical-resistant
  • Weather-resistant
  • Flexible
  • Scuff-resistant
  • Graphics protection
  • High-impact resistant
  • No tear
  • Waterproof

Types of Vinyl

A wide array of options exists for vinyl. In fact, STRYKER carries more vinyl options than any other material. Vinyl is available with a high tack, standard, removable or static cling adhesive in both clear and white, but typically only the standard adhesive is applied to colored vinyl options. We also carry glow-in-the-dark, fluorescent, metal finish, gold finish, holographic, semi-transparent and reflective varieties, just to name a few.

Vinyl Applications

Vinyl offers a durable solution for labeling products with rounded surfaces. Vinyl also provides long life in outdoor label applications. Other common applications include: 

  • Warning decals
  • Automotive dash panels
  • Airplane gauge panels
  • Electronics labels
  • UL labels
  • OSHA labels
  • Barcoding
  • Safety equipment labels
  • Flexible product labels
  • Cranes and construction equipment labels
  • Tractors, mowers and lawn equipment labels
  • Automotive labels

Technical Specifications

STRYKER offers vinyl with the following technical specifications: 

Material: Polyvinyl chloride, or PVC; polyester 

Sizes: Our vinyl is custom cut to your specification and is available in small or large quantities. 

Finishes: Various finishes including matte and gloss laminates

Looking for a custom vinyl product? We would be honored to help meet your needs while keeping quality top of mind. STRYKER holds decades of experience in manufacturing with extreme precision and specifications. 

STRYKER is a third-generation, woman-owned small business that specializes in industrial nameplates and durable customized workwear with in-house screen printing and embroidery services. Our ISO 9001:2015 certification proves we are serious about quality and consistently strive to provide products that meet customer and regulatory requirements along with unmatched customer service. Visit the STRYKER showroom, get a quote or call 920-731-9105 to get started on your project today.