5 Steps to Easy Ordering
When Durability Counts, Let the Experts Help

Custom Tshirts at Top Dog

People are always asking…how does this work? Well, here are a few steps to get you started in the ordering and design process of your custom shirts!

Step One
Determine your budget per shirt: If you are ordering for a group of people, determine how much money each person is willing to spend on a shirt. Remember, if someone is going to wear this shirt once for an event, they may have different limits on what they are willing to spend. After this budget is determined, give us a call and let us know your budget. If you are just shopping around, pick their brain to see how many colors or places you are able to print on the shirts based on your budget. Determining the budget per shirt will make the entire process easier. Be sure to do this FIRST!

Step Two
Determine what kind of shirt to order: We make this process easy for our customers by laying out a few options for them based on their budget. You can also pick up a catalog and browse through our options that way. Depending on what the budget is per shirt we consider the printing costs and the shirt costs to meet your budget. Besides the budget, the type of shirt is also a major consideration in Step Two. We determine if you will need a standard t-shirt, a sport material shirt, or a fashion shirt based on the occasion you will be wearing the shirt. Be sure to collect the opinions of your group to see what kind of shirt fits for most people’s comfort.

Step Three
Brainstorm a design: This step is the most fun! This is where you get to show off your creativity and we get to show off our design talent. Get your group together in a brainstorming session and create a general design for your shirt. Based on your budget in Step One, our customer service staff would have made it clear how many colors and places you are able to print on your shirt (this is why Step One is important!).  At TOP DOG, our screen printing set up fees include design work- Please use us for this! It is beneficial to you to let the professionals do the designing based on your ideas. This will insure the correct design methods are used and that your design is 100% usable for screen printing.

Step Four
Finalizing and placing the order:  You are able to place your order when you know the following information:
What exact shirt am I printing on?
Is the design finalized and approved?
What are the sizes and quantities of each size?
Have you prepared a payment method and collected funds?

In Step Four, be sure all the details of the order are finalized. We may not be able to accommodate changes after this step based on the production process. You can stop in, call, or email your order to us. We will then put it into production. Production time takes 2 weeks.

Step Five
You will get a call after our 2 week production time is up, and your product is ready for payment and pickup! It is always beneficial to collect your group’s payment ahead of time in preparation for order pick up so there are no snags at the end. We do require 100% payment upon pick up.

Next, all you have to do is enjoy your creative work! We hope that these steps create some clarity in the custom shirt ordering process. Being new to the custom shirt world may be scary at first, but with help from TOP DOG it can be really fun. Contact us for an easy quote!