Antimicrobial Hard-coated Polyester and Polycarbonate Films
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Published on February 01, 2022

End-user concern about the spread of bacterial and viral infections has led to the demand for film products that minimize the impact and growth of bacteria, especially in medical and public environments. To meet this need, an antimicrobial coating was developed for polyester and polycarbonate films, which provides protection against bacterial growth on high-touch applications, such as medical devices, membrane touch switches and overlays. The antimicrobial hardcoat uses nanosilver additives, which are evenly distributed throughout the hardcoat. These additives disrupt bacterial enzymes, which inhibits bacterial growth. The ISO 22196 method of extensive testing is used on these hard-coated films to measure antimicrobial effectiveness on the coating.

Under the ISO 22196 test method, there were five organisms that had a 99% reduction rate or higher. This proves that 99% of the time the coating inhibits growth of bacterial organisms such as Escherichia coli, Klebsiella pneumoniae, Enterococcus faecalis (VRE), Salmonella enterica and Listeria monocytogenes.

In addition to the coating adding the antimicrobial aspect to the film, the materials still have all of the standard hardcoat qualities which include:

    • Very good scratch, abrasion and chemical resistance
    • Easy processing of the materials while keeping its antimicrobial and hardcoat characteristics intact
    • The coated polyester and polycarbonate films can be printed using eco-friendly, low VOC UV-LED inks

With the hardcoat and antimicrobial properties, these polyester and polycarbonate films are most often used in overlays, membrane touch switches, medical devices, control panels and touch-screens. This coating is sought after especially if the manufactured part will be in an environment where contamination and the spreading of bacteria is of concern such as hospitals, medical clinics, dental offices and public kiosks.

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