Make Your Brand Awesome in 2020!
Published on January 03, 2020

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Has your champagne hangover been cured yet? Good, now it’s time to start getting serious about your business brand for 2020.

Branding has never been so important. Buyers have more purchasing options and there are SO MANY businesses that do what you do.

How can you make sure your brand stands out as the best? Make these branding resolutions and you can be sure your brand will be more awesome than ever!



If your company is already established, your mission could simply be defined as: “we are here to make money and be in the game.” In the past, for a business to have a mission just to be in business, was enough. In 2020, that is not enough.

Buyers care about who you are and what your brand’s mission is. Your products and services can be purchased from multiple sources and competition is tougher than ever. What is something that your business really cares about that would make a buyer choose you instead of them?

If you don’t have a mission, you need to find one. Look inside of yourself, to your team, and your buyers. Find something that you can offer to do some good in the world.



You know why your company exists. What do you provide buyers that other companies cannot? Why should someone trust you more than your competition? This is your unique value, and you can’t build a brand without it.

Is it faster delivery time? Better quality? Customer engagement? Authenticity?

Without unique value, you’ll lose out to companies that have woven their uniqueness into their brands.



Developing branding and marketing strategies will be all for nothing if you don’t stay consistent with your message. Consumers are smart and they’re all bored with traditional “salesy” advertising.

When consumers connect with brands through social media, blogs, or view your advertisements, they do so with particular expectations. With consistent branding across all channels, you can build trusted relationships with these buyers because they will know what to expect from your brand and product.



As a business owner or executive within a company, your personal brand is as important as the company’s brand. Have you concentrated on developing your own mission? Why do you do what you do?

Giving consumers a face behind the brand is important for building trust. As you consider the above points as they relate to your company, consider also how they apply to you as a leader. Why are you better than your competition’s leader?  This answer doesn’t necessarily have to relate to your products or services, either. Your unique value is a characteristic or mission that sets you apart from the rest. People want to know who you are and who you stand for. Show the world how awesome YOU are and how awesome your BRAND and MISSION is!

There is no denying that branding will only become more important in the coming years. You can still take control of your company’s image and branding by making these important New Year’s resolutions. We wish you a prosperous, focused, and AWESOME 2020!