Brand Your New Business!
Published on August 22, 2017

At TOP DOG, our goal is to brand and promote your business! Start-up companies particularly benefit from our products and services because we can help them from the very beginning offering them ways to promote their business in an inexpensive way.

Logo design is often one of the first and most important steps in creating a business.  We staff full time graphic designers to assist in logo design that is friendly to our printing services.  Most marketing firms that design logos do not keep in mind printing processes; they strictly aim to make your logo look pleasing to the eye.  Color, gradients, and overall look play a major role in printing. We design your logo with your printing budget and the overall look of your logo in mind. Bring in an idea and we will help you start to brand your business in a universal way.

When you start a business you need to get the word out that your company actually exists.  One way to do this is apparel.  Wearing your company logo is an inexpensive way to outfit you and your team to attract attention.  A simple screen printed t-shirt is a walking billboard. With many options under $10.00 per t-shirt it is worth the small investment to establish an overall look for your team. For example, if a roofer has his team wear company t-shirts while doing a roofing job they not only look more professional than the competition, but they also establish company branding.

TOP DOG is an ideal print shop for new businesses. Our in-house printing services allow us and our customers to have total control during the whole printing and design process.  We make sure all of your design and promotional needs have a consistent and professional look. Give TOP DOG a call to start promoting your new business effectively today.