Why Use Promo Products?
Published on August 16, 2017

Promotional products are a major part of TOP DOG’s business.
We provide many ways to market your business inexpensively and promotional products are a great way to accomplish that.

Promotional products are everywhere. You often find them in your kitchen, purse, vehicle, and office.
Every day you are exposed to different company logos, new trinkets, and giveaways that catch your eye. Everyone has been given a promotional product in their lifetime. We all know that warm and fuzzy feeling you get when you receive something for free because it’s like a gift! It is always beneficial to leave behind a good feeling with your customers, potential clients, and employees.

TOP DOG Apparel offers many options for promotional products under $1.00. Establishing a promotional product program does not have to be expensive. Do you order office supplies? The answer is probably yes! If you purchase office supplies why not purchase them with your logo on them?

For example, pens from the office end up in random places… and that is not a bad thing if it has your logo on it! If you take a company logo’d pen to a meeting outside the office and leave it at the meeting, someone from that office will pick it up to use it, and look at your logo!
They will then most likely pass it on wherever they leave it. This is an easy way to market your business.

No matter what promotional products you decide to leave behind with your clients, contact TOP DOG to discuss the many options we offer. We can work with any budget to get you started marketing your business inexpensively and effectively.