Business Uniforming
Published on April 09, 2019

“A good uniform is a statement. It tells your employees they’re a part of a team, tells your clients what to expect, and most importantly, a good uniform tells your story.” – San Mar

Have you considered what business image you portray to your customers or what image you WANT to portray? Did you know that…

You and your business have 7 seconds to make a first impression …
Within the first seven seconds of meeting, people will have a solid impression of who you are — and some research suggests a tenth of a second is all it takes to start determining traits like trustworthiness.


Okay so where do I start?

First, determine what kind of a business and impression you are going for. Are you more corporate, casual or cool? Use the graphic below to help you determine which is the right fit for you and your company!

Alright, I’ve selected one! What apparel should I get?

Awesome! You’re on the right track of figuring out how you want to visually define your business and what impressions you want to give to current and future clients. Now…

If you picked Corporate, here’s a few of our favorite ensembles:

Blazers, button downs and 1/2 zip pullovers are great options to start! If you want to see some more options, check out the 2019 Business Uniforming Booklet!

If you are a little more laid back and Casual:

A put together look without the “rules” Corporate apparel has. Highlighted items here would be 1/2 zip pullovers, vests, sweaters and tri-blend short sleeve tees. Check out more ideas here!

And lastly if you’re going more for that Cool look:

For the businesses that are on the “cutting edge of cool” and want to empower their employees through comfort and personality, this is the route for you! Feature items in this category includes: 3/4 sleeve baseball tees, lots of hoodie options, denim jackets, and comfy tees! For more inspiration look here!

Ready for a quote?

Now that you know what apparel you should select, you’re one step closer to custom apparel that fits your business needs! Custom screen printing, custom embroidery and logo design, we’ve got you covered!

For more apparel options you can browse our online catalog, otherwise you can get your project started by clicking on the button below!

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