3 Trendy Promo Products You’ll Actually Use
Published on December 18, 2019

Staying up to date with all the trends is hard these days! Between fashion and tech, it can be a lot to take in. Here are some trendy options for branded merch that you and your clients or employees will actually use.



Retro is back! This campfire mug is bringing back memories of camping with the fam and drinking hot cocoa around the fire. This vintage granite-looking mug comes in plenty of color options to suit any business.

Mugs are great branded products because they are perfect for just about everyone. Men, women, and children will love to sip their favorite drink from this great ceramic mug. Your customers or employees will certainly get a lot of use from this product. It can be used in the office, at home, or around the campfire for your next adventure.

Campfire Mug – 15 oz. – #7133



Sustainable merch is all the rage. This Harvest Lip Moisturizer Ball is composed of reclaimed wheat stalks. Harvested wheat is renewable and sustainable, which shows that your brand truly cares about the environment. Jump on the eco-friendly trend; it’s here to stay.

Harvest Lip Moisturizer Ball – #9289



We all saw the videos of the sea turtles and how plastic straws severely impact their well-being. Another way to show your brand cares about saving the environment is to provide your clients with a tool that reduces their human footprint. This reusable stainless steel straw comes in handy, especially in the food and beverage sector where high-profile brands have started banning the use of plastic straws in their establishments. Reusable straws save lives!

Stainless Steel Straw – #5202

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