Holiday Gifts for Those That are the “Balm”
Published on December 10, 2018

The Holidays are coming up fast and you’re starting to rack your brain for what you should get your friends, family, coworkers, etc. the list just keeps going on and on! Maybe you’re on a budget and looking to stick to something small, especially if you have a lot of people on your gift list. We’re here to help — this is the perfect solution that we guarantee everyone will love and you’ll get to sit back and soak up your awesomeness while your wallet breathes a sigh of relief. We’re breaking this mini project down into 5 easy steps on how to make a lip balm card. Let’s get started! 

Step #1: Gather Materials 

This project doesn’t require a lot of materials. Here’s what we used: 

  • 110 lb. Card Stock
  • Martha Stewart punch all over the page 1.5 inch circle punch
  • Lip Balm Printout 
  • Lip Balms (of course with our secondary TOP DOG logo!)
  • Printer

If you’re only doing it for a small amount of people, normal paper will work okay, however the card stock is a nice option as it holds the lip balms better. Also, for smaller projects you don’t NEED the punch that we used but we had A LOT of cards to make so it was worth it to save time and our hands! If you’re only making a few, scissors or an X-ACTO knife will work too, it will just take a little more time! As for the lip balms, you can buy EOS lip balms for about $3 – $6 from pretty much anywhere (Amazon, Walmart, Target, etc.) BUT if you’re looking to personalize them with your business logo, email us and we can help you out with that 🙂 

Step #2: Print Off Cards

Before actually printing you’ll need to find a printout that you want to use! You can find a ton of free printable cards on Pinterest, otherwise if you can’t find anything there you can find more on Etsy but expect to pay around $7 for the digital download. 

Once you have your design, this becomes the easiest step because the printer does all of the hard work for you! Load your paper in, if you ARE using card stock you may need to adjust your printer settings to allow for thicker paper otherwise it won’t print nicely. Then print away!

Step #3: Cut Out Cards & Holes 

Now it’s time to cut out the cards and the holes so that you can put the lip balms in the middle! Pictured is the Martha Stewart all over the page punch that we used. 

This is a really nifty tool because it saves your hands and wrists when you are punching and you can cut the circle anywhere on the page. BE AWARE if you decide to purchase a punch, some punches only reach a certain distance so if your hole is more in the middle of the card like this one, it may not reach.  

After punching or cutting out the hole in the middle, the card will look similar to this picture. Once you get all of the holes cut out, you’re ready to start “stuffing” the cards with the lip balms! 

Step #4: “Stuff” the Cards

Take the plastic wrapping off of the lip balms and unscrew the cap. Place the card over the bottom part of the lip balm and screw the top cap back into place. If you have a logo, you’ll want to make sure that the logo lines up nicely with the words on the bottom of the card.

Pro tip: place the top cap how you want it to look, hold the top part and use the bottom part to screw it together. This way the logo is lined up the whole time and doesn’t move from the spot that you want it to be in!

Step #5: Admire Your Work 

And voilà! That’s it! You now have a super cute gift or giveaway item that is perfect for everyone! As the temperature drops, chapped lips are bound to happen and everyone will want one of these in their pocket! 

For only a couple bucks per card, you are able to create a similar look for ANY occasion. Holidays, birthdays, or a ‘just because’, check out our Pinterest board to find out more ideas! (P.S. we’re giving out these cards to those who are picking up their Holiday orders — so you may want to volunteer as tribute to go pick up the order this time 😉 ). We’ll ALSO be giving them out to anyone that stops in before Christmas and gets a quote. HAPPY HOLIDAYS! 

Boom. Cute lip balm cards ready for everyone.