TOP Apparel & Promo Products for 2019!
Published on January 03, 2018

Counting down the top five 2018 apparel/products that you should consider using for 2019

We’re kicking off 2019 with new beginnings and have our sight set on endless success! But first, we’re taking a look back at 2018 to see what the top apparel and promotional products were to see what you should be using as we move into 2019. After checking through our orders and some quick research, we’ve gathered the top 5 apparel and promotional products that every business NEEDS!

#1 T-Shirts

OF COURSE t-shirts are #1 on the list. These bad boys aren’t going anywhere. They are the TOP DOG when it comes to promoting your business. Easy, simple but effective! 

Whether you have a logo or are needing a custom logo design, we’ve got you covered. Choose from screen printing or embroidery and we’ll help get you started! 

Need some inspiration for your next project? Head to our Pinterest page and check out our boards, your next project design may just be hidden in there! 

#2 Fleece 

T-shirts are great but if you haven’t noticed, it’s freezing out! Good thing one of the most popular items of 2018 was fleece.

Sweatshirts, zip ups, hoodies, even blankets — fleece is in and people want to be comfy and cozy. Embroidered sweatshirts are a must in this frozen tundra. 

(Psssst. We have no embroidery minimums, you’re welcome.)

You can find past examples of what we’ve done on our Facebook and Instagram page. 

#3 Hats

Look good in a hat? Haven’t washed your hair in a few days and need to hide the fact that you stayed up for the second night in a row binge watching Mad Men on Netflix… well you’re in luck! Coming in at #3 on the list are hats! 

Hats are perfect for showcasing your business and can be easily thrown on to complete any outfit. ‘Dad hats’ are trending and perfect year round! 

Of course, this is still Wisconsin and sometimes you have to put the dad hat away and throw on a warmer option. Like if you’re going to a Packer game… oh wait. (RIP 2011 Packers… our hearts are with you). That’s a nice embroidered winter hat in the front there though… 😉

#4 Pens 

Getting into more of the promotional products, pens are coming in hot and here’s why – they are CHEAP but great promotional tools. How many pens are sitting on your desk or drawer at home that have company logos on them? I’m guessing a lot. People tend to keep promotional products for up to a year. With pens having a practical use, it’s more than likely that people will be using this promo item on a daily basis! 

85% of the recipients do business with the advertiser on the product. 83% of people like receiving them. 

Promotional Products Work 

If that doesn’t convince you to think about adding some promo products to your business SWAG collection… check out the video below: 

Convinced Yet?

#5 Drawstring Bags

Last but definitely not least are drawstring bags! This popular item is showing up everywhere. 

It’s a product that can have multiple uses – bringing things to the gym, to work or just for hauling around all the extra stuff you’ve got. Drawstring bags are a hit and people LOVE them, especially guys! Ladies have purses but guys need help carrying their junk with them too — and if your man isn’t into the ‘murse’ (= man purse) then a drawstring bag is the perfect fix! 

…don’t have one of these items for your business? Don’t sweat it… 

We’ve got you covered! Check out our website to find more apparel and promotional product options. Not sure about what to expect for the ordering process? Our previous blog post covers 5 easy steps to ordering with us! 

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